Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you guarantee hair is Virgin ?

Yes, we can. We collect hair from donators directly. Then clean the hair, machine it to weft, make deep condition, style it, package.

2. How is the shedding and tangling ?

A little shedding and tangling is normal. We can guarantee our hair minimum shedding and tangling. The hair will keep in good with the hair treatment we recommend. If not, such as higher temperature, over bleaching, the hair may tangle and shed.

3. Will hair return to natural wave pattern after washing and straightening ?

Our hair is virgin hair, after washed it(without straightening), the wave or curly will be bigger and looser. If straighten the hair with high temperature, after washing, the texture won’t be obvious, will turn to the natural look.

4. Can hair be washed, conditioned, dyed, bleached and straightened ?

Yes, of course. Our hair is 100% human hair, it can be bleached, dyed and restyled. PLEASE seek PROFESSIONAL help when coloring hair. As you know if not processed in the right way, it will damage the hair, the hair will be lack of nutrition and be dry. Then hair may tangle and shed.

5. Are the cuticles aligned going in the same direction? Do you also carry raw hair ?

Yes, this is a key factor. We have skillful staff to check if the cuticles are in the same direction or not.

6. What is your return policy if I am not satisfied with the product for manufacturing reasons ?

if you are not satisfied with our hair and the hair is  not used , you can turn the hair back to us , when you turn the hair back, recommend you to choose USPS.